Earth Tones

Here is a little photoset from the past couple days featuring this lovely Irene's Story blouse AND these AMAZING Flax4Life muffins from Whole Foods market. I know I know, I take wayyy too many of my photo sets at the beach. Only, can you ever be at the beach too much? I don't think so.… Continue reading Earth Tones

Story of the Sea

First a little photo story ... Now a little something different. Enjoy ♡ "Why do you love the sea so much?" She asked curiously as he stared into the waves. "Just listen." He softly replied. What a funny boy he must be, she thought, but did as he told just the same. "Do you hear… Continue reading Story of the Sea

A Peony For Your Thoughts

Today I am content. June has brought refreshing peace, comfort, and adventure in the few days it has been here, as well as peonies. Beautiful bunches of peonies, which are a favorite flower of mine. Lately I have been craving travel and adventure, daydreams of cafe's in paris, rustic cabins with gloomy mountain views, and… Continue reading A Peony For Your Thoughts