Patrons of Peace

  Hello everyone! Today I want to show you all a couple of pieces from one of my favorite boho fashion brands, Patrons of Peace. Every single piece of clothing they have designed is simply beautiful, with intricate patterns and vibrant colors like the dress I am showing you today. The dress is perfect for this… Continue reading Patrons of Peace


Lately. Lately life has been busy and a little emotional, but it has also been beautiful and adventure filled. This past week I have enjoyed plenty of adventures. On Friday, a friend and I decided to spend a day at the beach, but neither of us have a car, so we had to take the… Continue reading Lately

Plants & Coffee

Hello loves ♡ It has been forever since I have posted anything because school has been crazy busy and my free time has been spent sleeping. So here is a teeny tiny post about my day of doing nothing. A friend of mine bought me a Bob Dylan album online a few days ago, and… Continue reading Plants & Coffee

How To Channel Your Inner Bohemian

A bohemian lifestyle is both freeing and beautiful, and it is certainly worth striving for. While I am no where near achieving the frame of mind and creative outlook I personally desire, Incorporating bohemian vibes into my style, decor, mindset, and life in general, has brought me closer to it, and it has opened my eyes to things I had… Continue reading How To Channel Your Inner Bohemian