Working on it 

// PC: Macarah Heller

Hello you,

As per usual, it’s been a while. My inconsistency makes blogging a bit of a challenge, but as this is titled, I’m working on it. After what seemed to be a never ending semester, I am beyond relieved to be free for the next few weeks to do what I like (well, other than going to work). That being said, this week alone I’ve already had time to create some things and catch up with some old friends. On Monday I had a chance to grab coffee with the beautiful and wonderfully talented, Macarah Heller, who is not only an old friend of mine but also an amazing photographer and videographer. After a delicious lunch at Cafe Gratitude, we walked around Newport and she snapped these of me.

I am honestly the worst at posing, but she made my awkwardness work (‘:.


Macarah and I are looking forward to doing another shoot soon, and will hopefully have a few product collabs to share by then! In the mean time, if you or anyone you know needs a wedding photographer/ videographer you can check out her website here or by clicking on any of the above links.

Turtleneck: HM (on sale!!) here

Pants: Vintage

Belt: Tillys




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