The Skinny Scarf Thing

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Well hi. Hello. How are you? It’s been a while, 4-5 months ish I believe(????)and honestly, I’m not sure why. I suppose I’m not too consistent with any of my hobbies, so there is that- not to mention the fact that Instagram is far faster and easier with the option using only emojis as a caption…enough said. Can I even write coherently at this point? Let’s hope so. There are plenty of things I could say in regards to my life the last few months, but to avoid long unnecessary rants (like this one) on what should be a fashion post, I will be adding a “journal” page to my blog specifically for said rants.

More to the point: The skinny scarf. Though it has been a minor trend for some time now, I’ve noticed the skinny scarf being sold in larger chain stores more recently, instead of the smaller boutiques/stores like Free People. So when I found a scarf at Forever 21 for 7$, there was no way I could resist it. Now it is easily one of my favorite accessories, right up there with a choker (coming to another post later) because it pairs with almost anything. As much as I love dressing in bright and colorful things, I have tendency to style plain simple colors with little to no pattern for daily wear. That being said, a dainty scarf adds just the right touch to brighten up an otherwise neutral outfit. This particular scarf gives all my outfits a slight boho vibe, which is perfect for the transition from a summer to fall wardrobe. I paired my scarf with (if you can pair something with A scarf?) my favorite button up blouse from HM, a black button front skirt from Tilly’s, and some black flat Soda brand sandals. Need more outfit inspo? Be sure to check out my instagram ( for regular posting.



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