Hi friends. In the crazy turmoil that is the end of a semester, things like blogging tend to get pushed to the wayside. Sometimes, they get pushed so far that you even begin to question why you started them in the first place. While that thought may have been prevalent in my mind these past weeks, I am happy to be posting again, and hopefully I will be doing so more regularly in the new year! So much has happened in a short time, and my mind is overflowing with things I could blog about, but none of them have to do with food or fashion, so…we’ll see. I have been wondering whether or not to post a few more literary oriented things here (short stories, poems, random writing etc.)…would any of you read that?? ANYWAYS, despite that long winded introduction, what I really wanted to share with you was my new favorite vegan cafe: Thrive Juice Lab. After a very long time of meaning to try it, I finally got around to it today, and it was amazing…I mean seriously, incredible. Dear fellow allergy friends in the OC area, this place is totally for you. Everything on the menu is organic, dairy free and gluten free, plus you won’t find a thing on the menu that doesn’t have some sort of health benefit. Today I ordered the Café Melange with coconut milk (the best thing ever) and my love ordered a hot chocolate (dairy free!!!) as well as an acai bowl that we shared. Not only was the food delicious, but the atmosphere was peaceful and happy, and the whole place was very aesthetically pleasing, a huge plus for photo obsessed me :’). Here are a few photos, just to give you all the general idea♡






Sweater- Urban Outfitters
Hat- Forever 21


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