Nothing ever turns out the way you expect it to. You can make a million plans, write lists and create a detailed schedule, but life will still give you what it wants to give you. The best thing is, realizing that the real adventure isn’t the one you imagined, but the one you are walking in everyday. Little by little I’m accepting that. Today I walked in the sun hand in hand with my love, chewing a gum cigar, as I explored retro styled neighborhoods and even got bitten by a sand crab…and I loved every minute of it. These pictures do not accurately sum up today, but I do love the retro vibes they evoke, though they are not actual Polaroids ♡. Also, the blouse I am wearing is my new favorite, I think everyone needs at least one white button up, they go with almost everything :).
Hopefully I can make a back to school lookbook for you all soon,
Till then,
Sam ♡.
Outfit: Forever 21 ( no surprise)
P.S. someone buy me that van pleeease.

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