Friday’s With Frank (body scrub)

Hello lovlies!







It’s been a while :’). Today I took some photos for one of my favorite skin care products, Frank Body scrub. The scrub is coffee based, and is great for making your skin extra soft and smooth. This particular scrub is made with coconut and grape seed oil (so its smells amaaazing) and the packaging is super cute too. The scrub is extra gentle, and it’s even meant to treat acne and stretch marks and other skin troubles, but I recommend it whether you have those or not ♡. That’s basically all for today, but I am doing my best to transition to eating raw fresh foods, to help in healing my stomach troubles, so I’ll be posting some new “raw” meal ideas soon! The top picture is Trader Joes gluten free overnight oats with coconut milk, green tea, and grapes.
Love to you all ♡,


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