Story of the Sea

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Now a little something different. Enjoy ♡

“Why do you love the sea so much?” She asked curiously as he stared into the waves.

“Just listen.” He softly replied.

What a funny boy he must be, she thought, but did as he told just the same.

“Do you hear them?”

“Hear what?” She replied, mildly amused-she really thought he was crazy now- “…it’s just waves crashing on the sand, what’s so special in that?”

“The stories. The waves tell stories.” he answered her without moving his gaze. Unsure of what he meant the girl began to study him.

He is too handsome too be crazy, she thought as she admired the blue in his eyes, which seemed to match the sea rather perfectly.

“Tell me what YOU hear them say.” She stated finally.

“Well, all kinds of things really. Sometimes, they are joyful. They tell of families with children, and dogs and young people, falling in love for the first time right here on this very spot.”

“Oh I like those stories” she interrupted.

“I suppose.” He continued. “But I like the sad stories. The ocean is full of those. They tell of lost love, and war and brokeness, death, destruction and loss…do you like those kinds of stories?” He asked her, pulling his eyes from the sea for the first time that morning.

“Not as much. But I would listen to anything you told me.” She smiled at him shyly.

“That’s because you’re a girl.” He said as he looked towards the horizon once more.

Who cares if he’s crazy, she thought as she smiled once more and stared into the sea.

“Today the waves will have a new story.” She said to him, now full of excitement.

“Oh? What story is that?” He replied, finally interested in her. As his ocean blue eyes stared into her own she was finally able to say what she had felt for some time now.

“The story of me falling in love with you.”


Sweater:Brandy Melville


Much love,

Sam ♡

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  1. beautiful post and pictures!! you’re so pretty and i love everything you’re wearing 🙂
    instagram: the_ch1ara

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