The Tale My Thoughts Would Tell

Today has been absolutely beautiful. The sun is shining, the birds are out playing, and the soft spring breeze is practically intoxicating. Lately I have found that my favorite time of day is the early morning, which comes as a surprise to me, since I am a college student and sleep does not come easily. Despite the occasional lack of sleep, I’ve discovered that pushing myself out of bed early to get outside is beyond worth it, as the invigorating morning air fuels me for the rest of the day. This morning’s adventure was a little hike with my favorite person, then a trip to my local acai bowl place for delicious vegan/gluten free goodness. I also bought myself flowers, which is important to mention since flowers are probably my favorite things in the whole world…other than beach towns and a good book that is. Once I returned to the peaceful little sanctuary that is my bedroom, I made a mental list of songs to share with you all. Music has always been incredibly important to me, and I inherited my music taste from my wonderful father, who was the first to introduce me to all of these songs. In each of these, there is a little piece of me. It may not be in the lyrics, often it’s just the melody, but there is some aspect of every song that I have laughed with, cried with, and will always relate to.

  • Time in a bottle -Jim Croce
  • Harmony -Elton John
  • Piano Man -Billy Joel
  • When I need you -Leo Sayer
  • Wild World -Cat Stevens
  • Take me home, country roads -John Denver
  • Red Rosy Bush- Richard Thomas version
  • If you could read my mind – Gordon Lightfoot
  • Wildfire -Michael Murphy
  • My Prayer -The Platters
  • Get down on it -Kool and the Gang
  • Put your head on my shoulder -Paul Anka
  • Diary -Bread
  • The sound of silence -Simon and Garfunkel
  •  Dust in the wind -Kansas

Listen to a few if you want to, they are all wonderful :’) (post title comes from one of them)

Also, here are a few pictures from today//


wearing Brandy Melville top and Styles For Less shorts…if ya wanted to know!




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