Plants & Coffee

Hello loves ♡
It has been forever since I have posted anything because school has been crazy busy and my free time has been spent sleeping. So here is a teeny tiny post about my day of doing nothing.





A friend of mine bought me a Bob Dylan album online a few days ago, and had it shipped to my house, only to find out that he had the wrong address. After a bit of hunting on his part, and with a little help from my father, he was able to fix the address problem, and had it shipped to me. So today, I listened to it for the first time in great anticipation, only to realize that Bob Dylan wasn’t quite all that I thought he was…at least not in any of his later music. Lesson learned. Now on to the finer points of my Friday. I did listen to my Jim Croce album, (a personal favorite given to me by the same friend), and I was able to transplant two of my little succulents ♡, (pictured above), as well as reorganize my room and take pictures. I love days like today. I can not stress enough how important it is to do what YOU enjoy doing, not just what other people say you should be doing. Lastly, if that is even an appropriate term here considering I never had a first (sorry I’m babbling) I just wanted to say how much I adore this mug from Urban Outfitters (pictured above) . I have been collecting mugs for a few months now and this is definitely one of my favorites. So goodnight, good morning or good afternoon, whatever ever you say wherever and whenever you are, and if you happen to be in a coffee shop, go ahead and drink that extra cup just for me ♡.


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