How To Channel Your Inner Bohemian

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A bohemian lifestyle is both freeing and beautiful, and it is certainly worth striving for. While I am no where near achieving the frame of mind and creative outlook I personally desire, Incorporating bohemian vibes into my style, decor, mindset, and life in general, has brought me closer to it, and it has opened my eyes to things I had never thought of before. But “going boho” isn’t always the easiest thing to do. It can take time and effort, and even a little sacrifice. So how do you channel your inner bohemian? Below are a few tips that have helped me, although I haven’t gotten them all down yet, and I hope you will find them helpful in your journey to boho.

 >> Tip#1: It doesn’t take a lot of money

People often think that you need to be rich to look and feel good. I am firmly against that belief. Truth is, it is most freeing to let go of your worries and financial concern and live frugally, than to spend loads of money on things that will only lead to dissatisfaction and more purchases. Bills and expenses can’t be escaped, so take the necessary steps to pay for what you need, and let the rest of your spending be in moderation.

>> Tip #2: Find an inspiration

Life isn’t a college essay, it’s OK to take someone else’s ideas and incorporate them into your own. People are beautiful and creative beings, so learn from them. One of my personal inspirations (inherited from my father’s list of inspirations) is James Dean. As my father has told me, James Dean was the first bohemian as we know bohemians today. From his unique (and inexpensive) style to his incredible apartment, James Dean is my go to inspiration when I want to style a boy/man.

>> Tip #3: Embrace Thrifting

As I have mentioned in previous posts, I am a huge thrift and antique store enthusiast, and some of my favorite pieces are second hand. For some people the idea of wearing other people’s old clothes isn’t pleasant, but I have learned to get past it, and just wash them! Besides how can you call yourself a bohemian if you are afraid of thrift stores? My latest thrift store find was actually never worn, a brand new tags attached Lucky Brand boho jacket (pictured at the end of post) retailed at $99.00…and what did I pay for it? $15. Point made.

>> Tip #4: Keep a Journal

It may sound silly, but journaling is a great creative outlet! It allows you to release negative emotions and bring out your creative side. I have finally gotten into the habit of journaling daily, and it has made a significant difference in my personal creative journey. My journal is a major part of me, and I have enjoyed embellishing and decorating it with my own unique style.

>> Tip #5: Let it show in how you dress

Personal style is incredibly important in self confidence, and the bohemian look is one of my personal favorites. Since style is your own I can’t really give you an outline on what you should wear, but I can say that bold and unique jewelry can turn any outfit boho. My signature piece has always been my rings, and I love layering them and playing with both gold and silver.

So there you have it. 5 tips to bring you closer to that boho look you are striving for! And to be honest, I have a lot more. If you found these steps to be helpful, I’d love the feedback, and if you would like more, feel free to contact me. For now here’s a little style inspo featuring my Lucky Brand thrifted jacket. Love to you all.

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Hat/jeans: Tilly’s, Center Ring/Top: Forever 21, Bag: Grandma, Jacket: Lucky Brand via Buffalo Exchange

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