Looking For Fall

Let me take a moment to just say how much I adore the idea of fall. Just the name puts a beautiful image in mind. The leaves changing color, air turning crisp and cool, and the sight of red and gold everywhere you turn. Yet, fall in southern California doesn’t quite match that description. In fact fall in soCal goes something along the lines of this; Tuesday: 90 degrees, Wednesday: random rain, Thursday: clouds, etc. All amidst the “lovely” sight of crunchy brown leaves. Yet despite all of that, the image of the ideal fall remains, and I long for it every year without fail. May I note that the tree in the background for this shoot was a single solitary tree in someone’s yard that I borrowed for this picture, and it is not the typical tree here, though I wish it was. So then, if we in southern California cannot enjoy being surrounded by glorious fall colors, we should at least wear them, right? I certainly do. And this outfit featuring my favorite Forever 21 sweater seems to embody fall itself. Want to look like fall? Start with a sweater that is a warm color, for example; wine, mustard,  different shades of brown, or rust. Then pair it with your favorite denim pants in a light wash or dark, depending on your mood. Lastly, accessorize with a scarf and some bracelets and rings, and you are all set.

Want to recreate my look? Sweater: Forever 21, jeans, boots, and scarf: Tilly’s

PicsArt_1417839474878 PicsArt_1417844293464 PicsArt_1418453866527 PicsArt_1418453995608

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